Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another Saturday. Yep.

Just looking at my wife's literate, well-written, biographical blog. And realizing that I can't really remember stuff and ain't much of a writifyer. But dammit, the real blogger soldiers on despite a complete lack of interesting content (to paraphrase: "A blog about nothing?"). Anyways. have a bitchin' Sunday.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hooo Doggy

Well, nothing much to report. Still playin Oblivion. Working on some drawings. Trying to work up the chutzpah to brew a batch of beer from a kit I got in Madison, WI. Got some more MST off of MySpleen. Gonna hit the sack. Have a pleasant evening...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Days of Futures Past

so, yeah

I gotta say Oblivion has been taking up a lot of my spare time in between some long days at work and some outside projects... Haven't really settled on a good format/use for this here blog - hopefully I'll think of something...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind

It seems like only yesterday that I got my oil changed (mothafuckaz!)

Many Months Later...

Welcome back to MC Hammer's sweet blog.

Ah - right - but I think I did own (& wear) some parachute pants at some point. Wish I still had 'em - very freeing.

SO - after some prolonged web-based-publishing writer's block I'm gonna take stab #2 at ye olde blog.

Why? You may well ask (you big jerk).

Well it's a long story. One for another day.

Monday, November 14, 2005

A Day of Rest and Quiet Meditation and SImple Foods

... also, a day of gettin. my oil changed. And coming up? Civ IV!

Also, I could mention that I am starting to learn how to brew my own beer - there's some sort of 'fox guarding the henhouse' line I could'st put in there but, you get the idea. If you drink Grolsch, you can re-use the bottles ;)

That's all folks.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mang - All my LINKS be PINK!!

OK this template both sucks and blows. Since I am a web designer (I AM SHAKE ZULA, THE MIKE RULA - is where my mind automatically went). Im'a look at building a new one.

Also cang I mention THAT I am a big fan of "outsider punctuation" (this term copyright ME (c)2005 (muthfuckaz!)). such as in the the title of the show "What's Happenin!!" (sic). This stems from my own inability to type as well as me being a smarmy jerk at the slightest pretense of anonimity - such as the what's offered by the "blog" format...

I'm Back Y'all

In this extended experiment in "seeing what I can make adwords do".

From the current affairs (huh huh) news desk!!!!

* no keycommand for a bullet on a PC (that I know of) - it's Alt+8 on a mac, which is what I user at work. In keeping with our current theme of stream of consciousness - I work at an ad agency where I am an Associate Art Director, which is a funny title for a funny, funny guy. I'm not gonna talk much about work here though - 'cause most people find it deadly dull, and I don't wanna get fired, 'cause, on the balance, I like my j.o.b.

* check out achewood for gods' (or God's, or Random Chance's) sake! Or Toothpaste For Dinner. In a way, I am resposible for his latest book getting published

* I know HTML to a point (new sites coming soon, as per the webdesigners revised code WDRC 41.8008135). I also work on commercial sites.

* Excelsior!

Monday, October 17, 2005


this is where the term sticky wicket comes from. or not.


or... blog - whatever I can't type worth a good god damn. SO - if you hate that sort of Jeff K. nonsense then I suggest you check out various alternatives.

WHAT I am hoping for here is some good common sense dialogue, and I'ma just gonna post some things that folks might be interested in in general. Frankly, if you've landed here, at this point you're saying WTF!!!???111?! Where is the future? where is my aquacar? Which is a weird thing to say, but hey, we're ALL INDIVIDUALS.

WHAT I could do here on this here "blog" (air quotes added for "emphasis" if you "please") is list all of the stuff I want to talk about. Y'know video games (why can't I bring myself to finish Atelier Iris?, and what the HOLY HELL is wrong with the XboX 360 site? Seriously!)

OK - HERE it is. In the proverbial nutshell, what you'll see here. Here are some KEY WORDS to HELP you remember why you put that stupid BOOKMARK or FAVORITE here.

* Design - cause that is what I do. one of the post-bubble web designers.
* Advertising - guess what kind of compnay I work for?
* Video Games - AWWWWW YEAH TYME TO FUXXOR YOU BOXXERS DOOD. You know what - screw that. Video games are the next TV. Like it or lump it, Jack.
* Anachronisms, etc... - the reason I named this site what it is - is because Ihave this weird interest in the futures of the past. I got these sweet outdated books about the world of tomorrow when I was a kid and ever since I have been into what people thought about the future back in the past. I don't think there's a name for that kind of study.